Stick to the Subject.2024 civil public discussion of the important public policy issues of the times
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The Stick to the Subject Network
a network of people
  • The Discussion Society members meet once a week in groups of six to ten people.

  • The Society is an assembly - not an organization.
  • Each member selects the location, day, and time for their participation - which can be different week to week.
a network of places
  • A location is a local site that has, at minimum, one table with the capacity to seat six to ten people. A location can be public or non-public.

  • A public location is accessible to the general public, such as a restaurant, a library meeting room, a community center, a tavern, a cafe, etc.

  • A non-public location is accessible by personal invitation only, such as the break room in a business, a school classroom, a church meeting room, etc.